Limm Sports Armband

LIMMI was sent a Limm Sports Armband to try and out and give an honest review. Click on photos to see them enlarged.

I LOVE to listen to music, sometimes while cleaning the house, doing yard work or at the gym. I must confess, I rarely make it to the gym since Little Man was born, but running around the house should count as a workout!! I always had my SiriusXM playing, but the subscription has nearly run out so this product could have been the answer!

Their listing states that it is for an average arm size, fitting 10-3/4” to 16-1/8” arm circumferences. I guess I should then take it as a compliment – arm is too small! My husband, however, has larger arms (muscle) and it fits him well with lots of room to spare in either direction.

I WISH I had noticed it was available in slim arm size (8.8” to 11” arm circumferences), which probably would have been perfect for me (hindsight being 20/20 right?) but now you guys are also aware!

LIMM Compatble PhonesThis fits all iPhones (except plus), Samsung Galaxy S3-5, HTC One, Nexus 5 and the Amazon Fire Phone (without a case). I managed to get my phone in with the VAXZA case, but just barely and it wouldn’t quite close, but that’s longer than most cases due to the battery, so a slim case would probably fit with larger phones. I also had no trouble navigating through my phones screens to my music while behind the plastic – which really surprised me!

There is a sweat resistant fabric on the back and anti-slip when properly fit, ILIMM Details cannot imagine your phone ever falling out with the flap that keeps it in place. There is even a key holder, so if you like to workout at a gym, your lock key will fit there, or a house/car key while jogging. Could even be used for dollar bills if you needed to stop somewhere!

It was extremely light weight and very thin, so the only real weigh on your arm is that of your phone.

There are also four spots to use an Audio Jack to listen to music!

As an added bonus, they include a free downloadable eBook titled “100 Exercise Tips”.  You’d be able to use the Amazon Kindle Cloud reader app to read the eBook if you do not have a compatible device.


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