Big Boys Sleep in their Own Beds


The story starts out with almost 4 year old Tommy, who is no longer a baby. He does a lot of things; like getting dressed and combing his hear all by himself.


But, last week he had a bad dream and now is having trouble sleeping, afraid to sleep alone.His dad tells him that big boys do not sleep in their parents’ bed, bringing him back to his own bed, staying with him until he falls asleep.

His                                                                                                              parents come up with a perfect solution, a sleeping friend! “I sleep in my bed, but I’m not alone. Funny Pally is here, so I’m not on my own.”

The author has rated this book from K-2 (ages 3-8) and I agree with this. There are many “I can” statements that repeat, with short, simple sentences for the most part, making this story ideal for younger, beginning readers. It could also be used by parents (or teachers) as a read aloud book.

This is a really cute story with great illustrations. It’s nice to finally see a book for boys, or at least with the main character a boy. Most of the books I’ve seen for younger children have all been for girls, unless it was a book about trucks and dinosaurs.

I think that is a young child was having issues sleeping at night, and their parents had similarly tried giving them a stuffed animal, this could really help them see it from another child’s perspective. It would also be great to show how a kindergarten child can do many things all by themselves. It could help other children overcome their fears!

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Disclosure: I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Reference ID: pm5dedb42b34e50082065a783265ce28a8


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