I am Dreaming About . . .

“I am Dreaming About Dogs”

“I am Dreaming About Cats”

I was sent these two books from Amazon in exchange for an honest opinion.

According to the author, these books are written for children 4-8 years of age, specifically targeting beginning readers. It has a simple and repetitive beginning text “I am dreaming that…” with colourful illustrations to go with each phrase. However, I think that these books would be a struggle for this age group to read independently. This could go very well with a parent/teacher present to discuss unknown words and ideas.

Additionally, there is an educational “did you know” blurb on each page as well, these may be interesting for some children, especially those who are very passionate about the animal being read about.

My suggestion would be for this to either be used in class or by parents as a discussion point, maybe one or two pages a day, then discuss what was on that page. Or skip the facts, and just have them read the text with help as needed.

As a really cool bonus, there are colouring pictures at the end of the book. Also, the way the pages are laid out, if printed, children could make a drawing on each page of the book.

There are some of the same, or similar, sentences between the two books, but there are different facts under each, so I think it could still be worth owning both books. Also, in the case of sentences that are very similar are in a different order, with a different fact. Thus, in a school setting, one book could be used as a familiar practice book, and another could be used to test reading skill to something similar but new.

Here is an example of a page that has a similar picture (cat/dog sitting in front of the Eiffel tower) but a slightly different sentence.


Dogs: I am dreaming that I am travelling the world and seeing new places. (Picture from the main story)

Cats: I am dreaming that I am visiting interesting and unique places. (Picture from the colouring pages at the end)

At the end of both books, it encourages parents (or teachers if used in a class setting) to ask their child about their dreams and to build conversations around this topic. If you are unable to print the pages, the author has included their email address so that you can receive the colouring pages via email (which are all the pictures from the book as line drawings).

ALSO – when you buy one book, you can receive a second FREE when you subscribe to their mailing list. You can choose between “I am Dreaming about Dogs”, or “I am Dreaming about Dolphins!”

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