Tiffy’s Terrible Top Hat Review and GIVEAWAY

This is the first book in the Lady Jenniviere’s Quill series of preteen books. Each of her books have an underlying moral. This book expresses the importance of friendship and can open lines of discussion regarding bullying, and why it is wrong. The author states that this book is ideal for grades 4-8 with a Lexile reading score of 810. I agree with her age ranking, ideally for students around 12 years of age, like the protagonist, in sixth grade, as they might best relate to her story. It can be purchased HERE from Amazon

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Tiffy is a 6th grade, conceited and unlikable bully. Since winning 38 beauty pageants her ego has grown out of control. Tiffy’s hair is her “glowing” feature that everyone admires and is her most cherished possession.

She used to love playing with her friends and classmates, but traded it all in for co-bully Danny. She lives in a small town, where nothing every happens, so to amuse herself she pesters her twin sisters, dogs and all the students at her school. One cold day (isn’t this how any great story starts) she forgets her hat, and decides to grab one from the lost and found. This is the beginning of all her trouble when awful things begin to happen. Will her bullying cause her to lose her most prized possession? Read the book to find out!

I really liked the book and think it would be great as a 4-6th grade class read aloud. I think with some of the surprise twists and weird ending students would enjoy it, thinking it’s quite funny.

I want to add that I did enjoy reading the story, even though I am well outside the story’s age group, it was an amusing read and was fairly well written. I personally found that the book ended too quickly, in contrast to the rest of the detailed story.

I feel that its good she learned a lesson, but it was a rather mature conclusion she comes to as to why being a bully is not something she wants, so it may not be as believable. I think that a lot of great classroom, or parent discussions could be started around this book as well. The author has even generated some possible discussion questions located HERE.


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