Vaxia is AMAZING!

I was sent an iPhone 6 phone case free of charge to review, and this is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I’ve seen the power “blocks” before and they are okay to extend the life of your phone or device, but then you need to remember where you put it, remember to charge it and try to find the dang cord to connect it.

NO MORE!!!!  Introducing the Vaxza iPhone 6 Battery Case. YES!!! A case that not only protects your phone but is also a 3100mAh battery extender!

Normally, I can barely make it through the day taking pictures and videos of my son, playing him music, and doing FaceTime with daddy when out of town visiting family.

I was so super excited to review this item, and had to wait a really long time before I was able to pick it up. I almost forgot to take pictures because I was so eager to start using it! FYI – the little paper in the picture below does suggest fully charging the case before using for the first time. Mine had arrived with 3/4 charge already, so thankfully it didn’t take long at all to be ready!

In the box was large black back and base of the phone case (you can see the little silver plug in the picture below where the phone will click into the case in this picture).


Your phone slides and clicks into the base, as you can see here in the below picture.


They also include a side guard for your phone that clicks around your phone, once its been attached to the base/back. There is a black one in the picture above (there was also a clear one in the box I hadn’t noticed while taking pictures). The longer cord is used for charging your phone and the case.

And the little short cord, I was at first confused as to what it could be for, I realized is an AUX plug is really deep into the bottom of the phone now. Its an aux cord extender, enabling you to keep using your favourite headphones (or other things) without trying to find an adapter. This was really smart of the inventors and manufacturers to include it in the box.

I am SO very impressed with this product. I am able to access all my side buttons, they had looked sunken in, and I thought I would need to use my nails to hit them, but am having no trouble at all turning my phone on/off or accessing volume with just the pad of my fingers.

Rather than my phone’s juice running out by 5pm it lasted 2.5 DAYS! I mean WOW!!! When it was almost dead, I hit the button on the back of the phone and it instantly set to charging. While on FaceTime with my husband for 15 min, I GAINED 25 percent battery, even though we were video chatting!!!

It uses the charging cord provided rather than the iPhone lightning cord, which plugs right into the case (so there is no need to disconnect and reconnect the phone from the case all the time) but since its a USB on the other side of the cord I can either use my laptop or my standard power block.

Another exciting thing is the price. When I ordered this a month ago, the list price was showing as $120, but on sale for $69.99. It is now currently showing as $39.99!!!! (Edit: as of March the listing has gone back up to $69.99)

If there was ANY downside at all to this product, its that it does take awhile to recharge, since it first charges the phone, then the case. But I can handle that by charging at night every couple days, rather than dying while I am trying to sing lullabies to my son!

Order your “MFi Certified iPhone 6 Battery Case” on Amazon today!

– Unfortunately this item does not currently ship to Canada. I had mine shipped to the border and was picked up from there. This was is also SPECIFIC to the iPhone 6, but there may be other similar products on the market that are comparable. Watch out for fake ones though!


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  1. Something else that is cool I just learned about when I came across another review of this product:

    “Since iPhones are constantly updating the software, the Vaxza Power and Protection Battery Case is MFi Certified. This characterization means that it’s certified to be 100% compatible with iOS 8, and all future iOS upgrades and all iPhone 6 functions. No one wants to buy a new case over and over. This purchase should last as long as you own your phone. “


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