Clean Food Diet – Cream cheese cucumber

The beginning of the book discusses Clean Eating, what it is and what to eat instead. I’ve linked a separate blog HERE to explain what the book goes through if you missed my previous post.

From what I’ve seen from this book so far the recipes use ingredients that are available in most locations and appear to be very easy to make. The first recipe I tried was Cream Cheese Cucumber Cups as an appetizer for a family birthday dinner.


The recipe called for fresh dill – which is super easy to pull off the stock and then mince.

It also called for parsley, but unfortunately I forgot to buy fresh, so I re-hydrated dried and added it into my cream cheese along with some fresh minced garlic.

Did you know that if garlic is bothering you, it’s probably from that little inner sprout piece you see below!?


Cut the clove in half and remove the sprout before mincing/dicing and it should help. If you don’t have a garlic crusher or a slap-chop type device, just cut the garlic up real small with a knife, don’t buy more gadgets! My mom just gave me the top one in the picture!

The recipe had suggested to cut the cucumber 1.5 inches thick, but that was WAY too large to bite, personally, so we cut it maybe half that thickness.

IMG_1275   IMG_1279

We scooped out the seeds using a metal measuring spoon, but a teaspoon or melon baller could work here as well. Also, I would suggest patting the cucumber dry before spooning in the cream cheese mixture! I tried a couple ways of cutting but the rounds seemed to work the best, rather than the long log, filling then cutting into pieces.

NOTE: don’t let those seeds go to waste, use them in a salad, or feed them to your son!!


They were really tasty, and everyone agreed tonight that they loved them! My uncle did find them a bit rich, and I think the problem was that I didn’t have the low fat cream cheese that the recipe called for. A great recipe though, and will continue to post more as we try new things!


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*I was sent this Ebook free of charge to review


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