CoverPLUG Review and GIVEAWAY!

I am excited to announce the second sweepstake giveaway for my blog!!! It’s a new design to an old way of protecting your children at home, the office, or anywhere there may be electrical outlets! Owner/Inventor Steve Moore will ship a 2 pack to one lucky Canadian Winner!!  Details below.


Before, your outlets might have looked like either of these scattered throughout my home. When you have also have dark walls, a beige cover, and little white targets attracting your child’s eye, they can create a huge problem – our Little Man is OBSESSED with cords and outlets.

Plus these little unsightly plugs really aren’t that hard for some children to pull off, which can become dangerous FAST with little fingers around


Introducing the solution to all your plug problems

—- The CoverPLUG!


The little prongs on the back of the CoverPLUG go into the ground openings on a standard electrical socket, covering the entire thing creating a beautiful, seamless wall and safer home!!


While it’s a little hard to remove (that’s kinda the point), it’s not impossible with a little pressure between the wall and the plate with your nails – but your babies and toddlers will definitely not be getting these off on their own anytime soon. It’s perfect for those rarely used plugs in the house, and the BEST part – you can paint* the entire thing and make it disappear into the wall altogether, so your curious little man won’t even notice it.  What a great idea!

I didn’t get the chance to paint the cover yet in Little Man’s room, so I will update a new post and link it here ASAP – but here are a couple pictures shown on the CoverPLUG Facebook site so you can see how it virtually vanishes into the wall! I promise, there IS an outlet in each picture!!!

afterchild-ball-1000-150x150      blue wall

*NOTE: I strongly suggest painting it OFF the wall, then plugging it in once dry, or the paint could seal the cover on, then tear once removed, possibly causing damage to the pre-existing paint on the wall!

– I received this product free of charge to review



Open to CANADIANS only this time (sorry to my friends around the world)

Starts NOW (Feb 6) — ending February 10 at 11pm CST (12 midnight EST)

Available on the Product website as well as other on-line and retail stores!

Value on $10.99 CND

Buy from for $8.50 USD

ENTER THE SWEEPSTAKES HERE  for your chance to win

Click HERE for the official rules



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    • I will check with the owner/inventor of the company, but from checking out his website, I’ve only seen the whole cover. I guess if the plug will be used, you’d have to use the standard kinds like I have in my house above, or go to the type where they slide sideways when not in use


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