Sweepstakes and contests and lotteries OH MY

So, with looking into the rules and regulations of running one of these on a blog, there is a LOT to learn to do this LEGALLY… Many are not following rules and guidelines I’ve discovered, even ones I’ve personally entered in the past.

~~~  ~~~  ~~~  ~~~   ~~~  ~~~  ~~~  ~~~   ~~~  ~~~  ~~~  ~~~   ~~~  ~~~

Did you know that there are minute differences in just the wording that can get you (ME) into trouble? Here is what I’ve learned:

Sweepstakes have a winner chosen at random, where it is luck of the draw, regardless of the prize. These are often mislabelled as a contest.

Contests have a winner based on merit, such as submitting the cutest baby picture, best baby tip, etc.

Lottery is more straight forward, there is a prize where you pay for a chance to win. Now, this is usually money, but it’s come to also include…TIME! Therefore mandatory entries cannot have a prize (always one of these), chance (pretty much always have this) and consideration (paying either in time or money for example) or you are running a lottery.

Does YOUR head hurt!?  Well mine sure does and this is JUST the beginning. Different states have different rules, and I am still looking into Canadian rules, then there is the Facebook rules and other social media to contend with as well!!!

SO — what does all of this mean for YOU, my amazing readers?

I might not be able to make my first SWEEPSTAKES (see was already calling it the wrong thing before) go live tonight. I want to make sure I am running everything legal, and have everything “worded” correctly.

Will try and get it all posted tonight, but coming as soon as possible. Have two pending now, since my other item arrived just a couple days ago — plus a few other reviews waiting… can’t wait to get it all out there for you.

Thanks, as always, for reading and hanging out with me on my blog, Facebook and other social media!


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