My Friend Paris MP3 Review

I was approved to review the Theme Song: My Friend Paris, however they NEVER sent me the MP3, and did not respond to my email. Thus, I was only able to review based on the clip they have posted on their store.

The song/books are about Paris who is a big sister in a loving family. Her mom is having twins, and we join along with Paris on her adventures. Based on the site, she travels to many different places, including New York, Italy and France. On their site they actually have a free section with colouring pages, sticker, and pumpkin carving template, which was pretty cool if your child’s a fan, as many are.

Very cool song, from the 25 second fragment I could hear, it sets up the book series very well, and it’s quite catchy. I would still recommend this product, as I think it was probably a mistake. I would be interested in the books and other songs (Maybe they didn’t check back in since their reviewers should have had their products – disappointing since its my first Free product review.)

If you’d like to see their Amazon listing, its located here


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